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Q. What is BLU Partnership?

InfluenceBLU invests resources into Influencers and Creators and helps them build and launch profitable businesses under their name, towards a mission to build successful brands. We act as a business accelerator for our Partners, and this service is what we call BLU Sponsorship.

Q. What makes our accelerator different?

Accelerators like YCombinator grant you funds to start a company, but they don't make it happen for you. At InfluenceBLU, everything business-related is managed by the BLU team. We work on your project to ensure that we stay together until the company is successful Later down the road, when we have built something amazing enough to raise money on a larger scale, we will introduce you to our group of investors — sometimes even acquirers, to take our business to the next level.

What makes the InfluenceBLU approach unique is that it allows people with no prior business or technological experience to start a business from anywhere on the globe. Our platform is ideal for today's Influencers and Creators because all you need is a loyal community and recognition. In exchange, we keep a small stake in the company.

Q. How to apply for BLU Partnership?

Apply online for our next partnership cycle. We have an internal proprietary algorithm that helps us determine the chance of success of your profile, we call it the BLU Score. The algorithm takes into account a number of factors, including your industry, audience, offering, and more.

As a business-oriented company, we believe in valuation over profits. Our team will assist you in achieving enormous growth as well as our financial and valuation objectives. The goal is to make your brand successful while also ensuring its long-term viability. We ensure that your name and identity, as a brand should, remain important even after 25 years.


Partners have transformed their Influencer profiles into successful & sustainable Brands.

More than 500 BLU Partners have transformed their Influencer profiles into successful & sustainable Brands.

Disclaimer: At InfluenceBLU, we respect and protect our partner's identity. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.

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